Do You Wanna Trade Stocks Full Time or Part Time

Do You Wanna Trade Stocks Full Time or Part Time

There are professional traders who trade stocks full time and seasonal or part-time traders who buy stocks & keep them for sometime. Depending on your financial goals & time commitment, you should consider the right option carefully. Whether you’re trading full time or part time there is risk involved on losing all or part of your capital investment, so having a regular job or a business of your own to minimize any future risk when you’re just starting in stock trading is a good idea.


As a full time trader you can either become a short term trader by buying stocks and selling them within days/weeks or aday trader that buy & sell stocks on the same trading day or hour. Day trading needs longer time commitment & stock price pattern studying. Short term traders also called swing traders are between full & part time traders. Swing traders don’t have to buy & sell on the same trading day or even same week. They usually pick stocks using technical analysis & other financial measurements and then wait for a short time to sell them for profit. If the stock price decreases within days or weeks then it will be sold and the capital will be used to buy a different stock.

The opposite of swing trading is long term trading which is a little safer investment then short term trading but still has high risk. In long term trading, investors will have a portfolio of selected stocks from popular companies. To maintain their portfolio investors either hire financial brokers or buy mutual funds that are already managed by financial companies. Long term stock trading is suitable investment for retirement.

Another important factor to consider when selecting between part & full time trading isthe initial capital that you are going to invest in the stock market. Although stock prices increase (& decrease) highly, the profit will greatly depends on the initial capital

For instance, if you invest $5000 & we assume that you profit 15% average monthly then your total income before taxes is about $750 which is a great return on investment but any minimum wage job will be better than this. In contrast if you invest $100,000 & you only profit 7% average monthly then your total income is 7k for the month which is better than many high paying full time jobs.

So, by knowing your level of risks, time commitment & the initial capital that you are investing, you can successfully plan the type of trading commitment that suits your lifestyle.


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Online forex trading guide

Online forex trading guide

The online Forex business has grown a lot in the recent years and now there is daily money of 3 trillion dollars in this business. There are millions of people who are making great money from online forex trading. Before you get your hands on the profitable online forex trading, you should learn the basics of this business. This will help you to avoid frauds and will also help you to make good progress in the business. Here are a few important things that you should do if you want to make good profits from the online forex trading business. You can choose to pick a course that is set to teach you the basics of online forex trading.


Such courses can be ordered  for offline study and they can also be done through the website. There are plenty of websites that are offering the online forex trading courses so that you can learn the basics. You can always choose one of these websites to get a good basic knowledge of the forex trading business. You should not choose to trade the orders that are going in lose. Always choose to put a stop to the orders that are in  loss. Do not continue loosing as many other traders. This will help you to prevent your losses.



When you place your stop lose order in your metatrader 4, always remember to choose a profit order at the same time by using the OCD order function that is available on most of the online forex trading systems to help you and make the things easier for you. Always choose a positive risk reward ratio This will help you to improve in the online forex trading system as a beginner.Remember that patience is the key.


The forex trading takes some time to be completely learned. This business is not a  short term business and you should be patient when you have made the  investment. You will gain good profits if you are not patient.Remember to do the research on the forex tips   and the market trends. Without research you will eventually fail. There is      no shortcut to this business and good knowledge of the market is the only  thing that can actually help you to understand the ins and outs of  business.


You should also use some forex related tutorials from our website and guides as they will help you to understand the business  better and you will be able to make some reasonable profit from the online  forex trading business.Remember that the online forex system is not  all about profit. There are as many losers as many are the winners. So you  should keep this fact in mind and plan your business and strategies   accordingly.


Technology can be a great help for the novice   traders but at the same time it can make you loose. Using technology is   important and you must learn it before you use it. Also, there are many scams attached with the forex trading technology, so you must be extra      careful as the technology may become the core reason for your loss and for  your profit.

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Tips For a Successful Forex Trading

Tips For a Successful Forex Trading

Brokers as individuals are the persons who intermediate in the business and investment processes and operations. They act for the benefits of all the parties involved, especially themselves. They match between people’s money and the best business opportunity suitable for them. People can rely on them when it comes to investment, simply because they are professionals and have the required experience. When talking about forex trading system, things differ.

Forex trading systems are all about trading platforms, which are the places where the investor can achieve the maximum return on investment. They also offer the best training and financial advice. The training only aims to make the investors as professional as the expert brokers; they walk you step by step through everything you need to know to succeed. Forex advice, help, knowledge, currency analysis, stock, and new about the coming markets are all supplied by the broker system as well as daily newsletters and updates. Be advised to use free trading simulator to test your strategy, before moving into real forex world.


Forex trading is based on the concept of the higher the risk the higher the profits. It is a high risk investment with a lot of opportunities for big profits. As a beginner, you have to find the best place to start your forex trading investment; this place can be the forex trading system. They will give you everything to make a major break through with your investment. You have to listen to the advice they offer and follow everything they tell, until you become a professional and this can be done in no time at all.

Currency trading is a magical thing, it can win you a fortune in just a few minutes and you can lose this fortune in a few seconds. The primary criterion in currency trading is currency forecasting, which is very difficult thing to do if you do not have the essential knowledge and experience to do right. Here arises the major role of a forex trading broker system, as the best approach to enable you to make the right decisions and actions concerning your investment.


Gaining knowledge and expertise about how to optimally trade forex is not a hard task. All you need is a small online search and you will find thousands of training courses and programs, with many approaches and techniques that show you the right way in making a huge success depending on your budget. The cost of those forex trading courses will very small related to the actual value which is the knowledge you will acquire to make a lot of money.

Remember to choose the best forex trading broker system, the right one for you must be FCM (futures commission merchant) and be registered with the CFTC (commodity futures trading commission). This way you can be sure that you are between the hands of the best.

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